Thursday, January 14, 2010

A lot of time without news

I've been busy with my daily/paid job, and i have not be able to put any update to this blog.
We start a new year and it's time to post some updates of whats going on from my part ;)

First, i'm moving to Brazil. This give me a lot of headaches, as i need to do a lot of paperwork. I'm almost finishing this issue, as i'm going to travel in 9 days!!

I would like to say thank you to my TuxBrain coleages (we get fun together and we work nicely together); i could not forget IdaSystems (that always believe in my hard work); news projects evolving like Genesi-USA (they finally sent me the EfikaMX board!! :D), Qi-hardware, Harald Welte & other hackers that are giving some GSM freedom :D; all OpenEmbedded hackers, that give me one of the better development tools that i never tested; all SHR & Openmoko comunity (they persist on this device and give us some usable software in that piece of hardware - and maybe a little bit more); and all the FOSS developers/hackers & communities that i'm involved :D (i don't have enough space to put all of them here).

I don't know if i'm going to post anything before i move, but.. this is my first 2010 post & i'm really happy with my future plans.

See you soon (from the south hemisphere) :D


Mutrox Seregnar said...

As you had said to me, I hope this is not a good bye ;P .
You know you have allways a two friend in Barcelona.

Tuxbrain brain will have some lag now on, due big part of it has moved to the other hemisphere. :P

See you on the net,man

A big huge from your Tuxbrain colleges

Nelson Castillo said...

Welcome South :-) It's great that you're moving to Brazil. It's a great country.

Massa said...

Hi! Welcome to Brasil! Which city are you moving to?

Unknown said...

Buen Viage.

Just to say that the number of friends in Barcelona biger.

you will be nearer the gta02-core project.

Unknown said...

mutrox: Than you for the fun & to give me the possibility to work with you ;) I'm happy to be part of (still ;)) a great company. Let's see if a Tuxbrain Brazil or something like that is possible :D

Nelson Castillo: thank you!!! I hope to see you in one travel ;)

Massa: I'm going to Pelotas, near Porto Alegre.

jluis: Nice!! The pitty is that i'm not going with you and your wife to the FOSDEM 2010. I'm going to be nearest that i'm right now, but... only 1400 km (more or less) ;)