Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What i've been doing

Hello to all specially to openmokers, as this is my first post that is going to appear at

I'm being a little bit silent lately.
The good news is that i've not been quiet :)
What i've been doing? Well, first of all i'm being too busy with a lot of tuxbrain stuff :)
I put a smile because they are giving me the opportunity to develop/hack a lot of devices and they give e the opportunity to hardware hacking, that is not an easy one :)

  1. I've been doing some buzz fixes [1] [2] [3] [4].

  2. I've been hacking some devices [5] [6].

  3. I've been hacking some OE recipes (Porting some shr recipes from import/shr to, and putting some patches [7].

  4. I've been following new interesting companies [8].

And off course i've been having a lot of fun, a real life, a paid job and a wonderful wife that supports me ;) until one holiday week :)

I put this post because i've one specific blog with some new stuff [9] An i.MX515 [10] development platform that i'm going to start to hack.

I'm reading my mails from the last weeks (now last month), and i'm getting up to date.


Stay tunned to know what i've been doing in next weeks :)

Hope to write here soon.


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