Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What i've been doing

Hello to all specially to openmokers, as this is my first post that is going to appear at

I'm being a little bit silent lately.
The good news is that i've not been quiet :)
What i've been doing? Well, first of all i'm being too busy with a lot of tuxbrain stuff :)
I put a smile because they are giving me the opportunity to develop/hack a lot of devices and they give e the opportunity to hardware hacking, that is not an easy one :)

  1. I've been doing some buzz fixes [1] [2] [3] [4].

  2. I've been hacking some devices [5] [6].

  3. I've been hacking some OE recipes (Porting some shr recipes from import/shr to, and putting some patches [7].

  4. I've been following new interesting companies [8].

And off course i've been having a lot of fun, a real life, a paid job and a wonderful wife that supports me ;) until one holiday week :)

I put this post because i've one specific blog with some new stuff [9] An i.MX515 [10] development platform that i'm going to start to hack.

I'm reading my mails from the last weeks (now last month), and i'm getting up to date.


Stay tunned to know what i've been doing in next weeks :)

Hope to write here soon.


The links

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remember my first OpenSource project

Today I'm in a melancholic mod. And i started to think about my collaborations to the OpenSource world. I did a lot of experiments at home, but i didn't made it public available, because i wasn't so proud of my code, and I feel scared that someone laughs about my style or my syntax.

I remember my first public project: RTL-EtherBootD is an Open Source project which consists of porting the Ethernet card drivers provided in the Etherboot project to RTLinux. It was my graduate work at University. Since that project, i didn't publish any OpenSource code. I worked in some different environments, but unluckily at my country (Spain) they didn't work a lot with Linux.

I started my actual job very enthusiastic, i was going to work developing Linux in Embedded Systems, but it's not what i'm doing right now :( I'm sad about that, i hope to work in Embedded Linux environments one day, but for now i've to work on this at home.

At work, i started my small patches to u-boot project here. Not really big, but a small step to start doing it more frequently (i've code to submit, but i didn't find it good enough to send it).

Personally, with the OpenMoko project, i started to hack the IDA Systems project, and the build system Openembedded. I found some problems with my working environment at home (Ubuntu 8.10 with a Core2Duo MacBookPro), but i'm solving the environment problems sending some patches to OpenEmbedded.

What i'd like to do is have a day to day work with Linux in Embedded environments, but actually i'm frustrated with a 8-bit PIC micro that i've to develop in Linux environments. Some time before, i was working with 16-bit Motorola uC, at R&D department devolping embedded systems from scratch, for ships. A lot of restrictions: hard-real time, fast response, 3 redundancy communication channels, .... I miss the hardware hacks that i've to do with our prototypes, the evaluation boards and all the stuff. It was funny and i miss the friends that still are there.

For now, i've to see to the future and look for another comfortable environment, Linux, and OpenSource development. I like to don't have to wait too much to find that change.

In my most important project, at the moment (the collaboration with IDA Systems), i suffer from the combination of OpenEmbedded and my environment. I hope to solve this soon. I'm going step by step :)

Now that i wrote some words about my senses, i start to feel better and i can afford my day-to-day job.

See you soon.

-- Edited --
My u-boot patch (the first):
My OpenEmbedded patch:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delays in my updates

Lately i'm not being really active in my blog.

This is because i had a lot of changes in my personal life, and in my working environment.

First of all i've to announce (if someone has interest in it) that i changed my relationship status. Now i'm married. This has give me a lot of my responsabilities and a lot of housework.
Well, not all is bad, but i've less time ;)

Other delayed cause is that i've been traveling in my honeymoon. Now i'm back and i'm reading the news, and future developments (a lot of news missed).

In other order of things, i've been fighting with fso & openembedded to build some images. As allways, i see a lot of dependencies missed. And my build hardware is not really fast (i'm going to need an update) but it's hard because is a computer. My only options are upgrade the HDD to bigger 7200 rpm & upgrade the RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB, other upgrades means buy another hardware, and actually it's not possible.

More updates soon.

As everybody said:
"I'm trying to be more active in my development efforts, and post more often".