Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My 0x1F day

As a bit mask, today is my 0x1F (31) birthday (i´m almost 0x20). But the day is going ok.

A lot of changes happens lately:
  • In my personal life, i moved my house from Spain to Brazil (really big change). One of the best consequence of this movement is the people i met at my new job, really nice people with a nice job.
  • In the job side i´ m working in a open-minded company for the hardwar/embedded path. That gets me happier.

So i´m comfortable and almost fully installed in my new home.

In the Open projects side, i´m improving my knowledge and i´m proud to announce that Wolfgang added me to the qie-hardware planet [1] :)
I´ve been testing the Ben Nanonote. A wonderful and amazing gadget that promise a lot. Wolfgang, with his efforts, is also engaging me to all the projects they are raising. I love the Milkymist project and the SAKC is a good hardware device for approaching the FPGA development. He is also encouraging some open-like hardware projects & putting them (or us) in contact to deal with "open philosophy" together.

Thanks Wolfgang & all the people involved in Qi-hardware. Some of them: Mirko. Xiao. Adam. .... & some old friends Tuxbrain (David & Victor), Ida Systems (Rakshat) I hope to see more people involved & growing this community effort.

See you soon.

[1] http://en.qi-hardware.com/planet/

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A lot of time without news

I've been busy with my daily/paid job, and i have not be able to put any update to this blog.
We start a new year and it's time to post some updates of whats going on from my part ;)

First, i'm moving to Brazil. This give me a lot of headaches, as i need to do a lot of paperwork. I'm almost finishing this issue, as i'm going to travel in 9 days!!

I would like to say thank you to my TuxBrain coleages (we get fun together and we work nicely together); i could not forget IdaSystems (that always believe in my hard work); news projects evolving like Genesi-USA (they finally sent me the EfikaMX board!! :D), Qi-hardware, Harald Welte & other hackers that are giving some GSM freedom :D; all OpenEmbedded hackers, that give me one of the better development tools that i never tested; all SHR & Openmoko comunity (they persist on this device and give us some usable software in that piece of hardware - and maybe a little bit more); and all the FOSS developers/hackers & communities that i'm involved :D (i don't have enough space to put all of them here).

I don't know if i'm going to post anything before i move, but.. this is my first 2010 post & i'm really happy with my future plans.

See you soon (from the south hemisphere) :D