Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delays in my updates

Lately i'm not being really active in my blog.

This is because i had a lot of changes in my personal life, and in my working environment.

First of all i've to announce (if someone has interest in it) that i changed my relationship status. Now i'm married. This has give me a lot of my responsabilities and a lot of housework.
Well, not all is bad, but i've less time ;)

Other delayed cause is that i've been traveling in my honeymoon. Now i'm back and i'm reading the news, and future developments (a lot of news missed).

In other order of things, i've been fighting with fso & openembedded to build some images. As allways, i see a lot of dependencies missed. And my build hardware is not really fast (i'm going to need an update) but it's hard because is a computer. My only options are upgrade the HDD to bigger 7200 rpm & upgrade the RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB, other upgrades means buy another hardware, and actually it's not possible.

More updates soon.

As everybody said:
"I'm trying to be more active in my development efforts, and post more often".

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