Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Openmoko image

It's a long time since my last post., but here I come back to show you new progress.

I'm being bussy trying to make the poky trunk build system work in my company server. But the config of that server, makes it almost impossible. As the Ida Systems Ltd. guys send me the new phone Openmoko Neo Freerunner as a present, i though that was time to get hands on it (but, keeping in mind the em-x270). After some compiling warnings and errors with the OE environment, i'll found one really nice, in mix with the FSO ( framework that is going to be used with openmoko in the near future (i hope). This environment works, because the openemebedded repository used was the official one, plenty of configurations and machines.

This gives us the opportunity to make the FSO-image for other machines that om-gta01 or om-gta02. This is what i get, a working image for em-x270 :)

Take a look of the em-x270 and the Openmoko Neo Frerunner:

Bootin the board.

First Openmoko Look

A deeper look.

Booting the FSO image.

Zhone started. (Take a look that the dbus system is not working)

zhone out of time :) Left: mls2 Right mls3

The Home in action (another icon fix problem).

The bad things are:

  • No dbus properly working (i'd like to help the FSO guys to get more hardware working with the framework)
  • Some of the devices has to be linked with the touchscreen: ln -s /dev/input/touchscreen0 /dev/ts or ln -s /dev/input/touchscreen0 /dev/touchscreen/0 that are the ones that the openmoko uses.

All this stuff is working through NFS, because it's easier to has a dev cross env until everything goes working properly.

Well, it needs some real dev work to get the devices working, but it would be a happy hacking time :)

Some more news soon.

P.D. Ah! I forget to said that the poky system, that has official support to the em-x270 machine, has the icons working properly.


Shakti said...

Great work, if dbus starts working on the x270 that would be excellent.

Anonymous said...

I also had problems getting fso-dbus to run when using NFS root, not sure why. It has always worked fine when booting from the microSD or the internal flash.

// Simon

Unknown said...

wow thats amazing work .