Friday, July 25, 2008

Trying poky

Well, some Openembedded distros have "support" for the em-x270, but only poky ( is officially supported into the distro.

As a Openembedded distro, i'll try to compile and get it working with the module.
Here you can see some screenshots:

Poky running into the em-x270. No icons loaded.

A better picture of the main screen:

It's not working properly, but it could be because the nfs server. I'll take a look on it.

I'll get working some distros, then: angstrom (the officially compulab distro), and poky linux.
Next step, use the Openmoko distro rootfs.


Shakti said...

Poky looks good, much better than Windows Mobile. How much trouble was it to get it running?

Rakshat said...

are the applications on the poky distribution working?

Unknown said...

Most of the applications are running in the poky distribution. Some daemons (like the gsmd daemon - for GSM calls) are not starting properly. I have to take a deeper look to all the SW/HW services that the em-x270 offers to be sure what it works.

Unknown said...

shakti, no much trouble, but until i didn't check the HW/SW issues, i don't want to put it "really" into the device (means flash it). I'll report it.