Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sumarizing 2010

After being so "silent" in my Open Source world, i need to sumarize the last year.

It could look that i leave the FOSS world, but nothing further from the truth. I've been FOSS advocate at my actual company, improving our FOSS ecosystem.
I had to fight in some fronts of the Computer Science that i never had contact with before:

  • I had a combat with binutils/gcc/newlib for ColdFire v1 devices, and i win (we get a multi platform toolchain ready to work), both Windows and Linux builds are working fine.

  • I also deal with other compiler: SDCC. It was hard, but it's our official PIC compiler :D

  • Configure and make an application with RTAI and comedi to measure quality and some important parameters of our physical final products (it was a working proof of concept, we need to improve it a little bit, but it's working). In the while i have to evaluate the use of Scicoslab, RTAI-Lab, Scicos-Hil, Scilab, Xenomai, RT-PREEMPT patch and robotics frameworks like Orocos.

  • I get hands dirty with LTSP, as sys-admin, and i configured some servers and services.

  • And some other propietary stuff or internal work.

Unfortunately, i didn't found time to work with Efika-MX, Ben-NanoNote and carry on hacking my Neo Freerunner (between all my hw toys), neither post some words about my advances. But, at the end of the day i did nice FOSS development, and i also touch the Linux kernel, in a personal way.
So... 2010 was not a bad year :)

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